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Air Traffic News

Rusthall Parish Council are members of The High Weald Councils Aviation Action Group. Their website is for details.




The long awaited Government night flights consultation is out today 2nd December 2020
Deadline 3rd March 2021

From community feedback, CAGNE, the umbrella aviation community and environment group for Sussex, Surrey and Kent, has formalised the stance below -

  1. There can be no deals when it comes to the physical and mental health impacts of night flights, with noise and sleep deprivation
  2. We ask the government to give weight to the health and noise impacts and light pollution caused by night flights, compared to aviation’s commercial gain
  3. Residents of Sussex, Surrey and Kent: nearly 74% agree with CAGNE, there should be a total night flight ban (arriving and departing aircraft). (Gatwick noise forum consultation Oct 2020 –
  4. The national survey asked if residents supported a ban on night flights, (night‑time arrivals and departures), and nearly 78% said Yes, with only 17.7% stating No.  (September 2020 CAGNE national survey –
  5. Cut emissions - More flights equal more emissions, so any CO2 saved is nullified 
  6. There is no real alternative to fossil fuel at scale, now or anytime soon
  7. Fly Less (constraint) must be a priority, to reduce carbon, NOx and contrails 
  8. A ban on night flights is a first step to meeting net-zero
  9. CAGNE survey asked residents if they felt aviation is causing problems for global warming?  Nearly 86% said Yes, with less than 10% saying No.
  10. Asked should the government invest in alternative fuels for aviation?  Over 72% said Yes with less than 15% stating No (over 13% didn’t know).  (September 2020 CAGNE national survey)
  11. Fly Less has to be the answer to allow the ban on night flights 
  12. No deal should be considered between a ban on night flights and allowing airport expansion at Gatwick Airport. Rebuilding the emergency runway as a second runway will increase flights by over 50,000 a year (raising Gatwick’s total emissions to 3.63MtCO2 in 2050, an increase of nearly 1MtCO2 - AEF data)
  13. CAGNE’s survey asked specifically about Gatwick Airport’s plans as above; respondents were clear, with over 79% stating No to the emergency runway being used as a second runway. (September 2020 CAGNE national survey)
  1. Doing a deal with an airport or government will only benefit the aviation industry and not those on the ground.  Bargaining tools must not be used to benefit some whilst impacting others – let’s unite and be fair to all communities on the ground and demand a ban on night flights

Is a ban on night flights possible?  Leaving the EU, the government can be more flexible with changing policy on night flights, so it is down to residents to respond to the consultation to demand a ban on night flights.

The consultation deadline is 3rd March 2021.  There is an online response form or responses can be emailed to

If you have any questions or feedback please contact us at

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