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Air Traffic News

Rusthall Parish Council became aware, through feedback from residents, that many were and are concerned about the frequency of flights over the parish. The Parish Council therefore became a member of the HIGH WEALD COUNCILS AVIATION ACTION GROUP, their  website is http://www.hwcaag.org/


Rusthall now has a noise monitor, for up to two years, follow the link below to see it at work.

Gatwick withdrew the whole Casper Noise, Track Keeping and Complaints handling system on 1 April 2019 and replaced it with a WebTrak system.  The Casper system included both current and historical flight tracking, historical data on flights and reports on complaints.  The initial WebTrak system (phase 1) is much more limited but we are told that it will be more fully implemented in phase 2, due 'before the start of the Summer'.  Click HERE 


Other useful websites are:






Please follow this link for the updated procedure for reporting complaints regarding aircraft noise.

YLA Complaints Handling Policy 2016.pdf YLA-Complaints-Handling-Policy-2016.pdf 196.7 KB

Gatwick Airport management must not be allowed to mislead residents with its latest through the letterbox propaganda – the second runway is not a done deal!

Gatwick Airport has issued a letter and questionnaire relating to land referencing to a select number of residents that would be impacted by Gatwick’s plans to use the emergency runway on a regular basis as a second runway by stealth.
“CAGNE believe that Gatwick’s management are endeavouring to misuse the current government policy, of 'making best use of the current facilities' by misinform residents into believing that this emergency runway can currently be used alongside the main runway, but this is not the case for safety reasons,” said community and environmental group, CAGNE.
“To use the emergency runway with the main runway it has to be substantially moved, re-built, as such it is not ‘making best use of current facilities’.  Residents do not have to complete the questionnaire, they can just ignore it as this is purely an exercise by Gatwick to tick boxes to fulfill the planning process of a Development Consent Order."

Extensive engineering works would have to take place to ensure wings of planes do not touch during departure and arrival procedures.  The moving of the centerline of the emergency runway by 12 metres further north to ensure a separation distance of 210 metres between it and the main runway, the distance required to meet European Aviation Safety Agency standards for closely spaced parallel runways. The altered northern runway would retain a width of 45 metres with 7.5 metre wide shoulders taking up much of the current taxiway Juliette. 

The redundant 12 metre strip to the south of the altered northern runway would be removed. The 33 metre wide section of retained existing runway, together with the 12 metres to the north, would be resurfaced and provided with new markings to form the altered emergency/ new runway. 
In addition, by Gatwick’s own definition in its scoping reports, it details that land outside of it perimeter would have to be acquired as well as proposing extensions to the south and north terminal and piers, to build 2 new office blocks, 3 new hotels, a new hanger, additional car parking for 53,450 cars, demolition and moving of the air control tower, airfield maintenance sites, recycling plants, moving of fire station and extensive additional hard standing.
“The proposal is not to use the existing ‘emergency’ runway, as erroneously stated by Gatwick Airport; this is seeking the construction of a new runway in disguise at the same time as Heathrow looks to build its third runway, so we can just imaging the amount of construction traffic and migrating works will be entering our road system”.
Stop Gatwick Expansion Roadshow and Pop Up Events remaining……
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