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Welcome to the Rusthall Allotment page

There are three allotment sites within Rusthall - Southwood Road, Southwood Road Extension and Wickham Gardens.

To rent an allotment plot you must live either in Rusthall or within a mile of the Parish boundary.

Plot Details

Plot sizes are usually 5 rods or 10 rods.

A whole plot is approximately 253 sq metres (10 rods). A half plot is approximately 126 sq metres (5 rods).

The annual cost  for a full plot is £57.50 and a half plot is £28.75.

Current availability:

Southwood Road: None available

Southwood Road Extension: None available

Wickham Gardens: None available

Please note there is now a waiting list for all three sites.

If you are considering renting a plot please contact Su Denne, Clerk to the Parish Council, on 01892 520161 or clerk@rusthallparishcouncil.org.uk .


The Allotment Committee: Cllr Doug Smith (Chair), Cllr Barry Edwards, Cllr Liz Ellicott (V. Chair),  Cllr Dave Funnell, Cllr Valerie Wilson,Ms Suzanne French and Mr Richard Benoy.

Allotment Committee meetings are held every three months, the next one will be on Monday 16th December 2019 at the Rackliff Centre staring at 8pm.  All plot holders are welcome to attend.