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Fraud Alert (Smishing)

By Su Denne Rusthall Parish Council

Tuesday, 2 February 2021


Rusthall Parish Council Contributor


We have received this information from O2 but this is happening across all networks.

Phishing texts, otherwise known as Smishing texts are being received by lots of people. Scammers are using the pandemic as a way to target individuals in particular and this is catching more individuals out, especially as the vaccine rolls out, exposing them and organisations to data breaches – please see example picture.

In a smishing campaign, attackers (fraudsters) send SMS messages from supposedly legitimate organisations. These messages try to persuade you to provide organisational log in details, download what turns out to be a malicious app, provide private information like bank account or credit card details, or click a link which leads to a malicious URL.

If you receive texts like these please report them to your network provider most of whom have details on how to do this on their own website.

Please stay vigilant

Stay Safe

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