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Youth Competition 2021

Specific Information relating to each competition.

Young Writer

For the Writer the theme will be “My Happiest Day” and the task is to produce a written or typed story in prose. The written entry could be fiction or non-fiction, a story or a poem, as long as the piece relates to the theme. An A4 page or up to 500 hundred words is a suggested suitable submission.

Judges will consider imagination relative to the subject; the ability to engage interest and to be consistent in the power of argument. The judges will not enter into any discussion or correspondence regarding their decision; their decision will be final and not subject to any appeal.

Entries may not be returned unless specifically requested.

Young Artist

The requirement for the Artist is to produce one finished 2-dimensional piece of artwork based upon the theme, ‘Wild Nature.
To accompany the submission, each entrant must provide a brief sentence describing the relationship of the artwork to the theme.

Artwork will not be returned unless specifically requested but winning submissions will be retained for display at the Rotary Great Britain National Showcase which was intended to be the NEC in May but both venue and date may now vary. 

Young Photographer

The task for the Photographer will be to produce a portfolio of three photographs based upon the theme, ‘Wild Natures’ in colour or black and white on photographic paper. The prints must be submitted individually. Each print, including any mount should be no larger than A4 size. Mobile Phones may be used in addition to cameras.
To accompany the portfolio, each entrant must provide a brief sentence describing the relationship of each photograph to the theme.

District competition winners will be asked for a digital copy in jpg format and ideally 5MB for an A4 sized print, on disc (CD- R) or memory stick, as part of the national final submission.

Please ensure every photograph, disc or memory stick submitted is clearly labelled with the name of the entrant, club and club contact.

Photographs will not be returned unless specifically requested, but winners’ entries will be retained for display at the Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland Showcase at the NEC, 1-3 May 2021.

Photographs which incorporate images of people under 18 years old must be accompanied by written permission from the parent, guardian, or carer.